Brandon McPhee
Scottish Entertainer & Composer

Harmonising Success: The Inspiring Journey of Accordion Virtuoso & Singer

Brandon McPhee's musical journey is adorned with a myriad of achievements spanning various prestigious competitions and recognitions. From clinching first place at the Caithness Music Festival in consecutive years to showcasing his talent at the Lairg Music Festival in multiple categories, including under 13s Accordion Solo and Open Accordion, Brandon's early successes laid the foundation for a remarkable career. His prowess as an accordionist was further underscored by victories at the Junior Scottish Accordion Championship and the Button Box Accordion Open Scottish Championship. Notably, Brandon made history by becoming the first button key accordion player in 27 years to win the Jimmy Shand shield at the All Scotland Senior Traditional Accordion Solo Championship, a feat achieved at the age of 17. His contributions to music have been recognized through nominations for awards such as CD of the Year and Up and Coming Artist of the Year. Brandon's impact extends beyond competitions, as evidenced by his debut vocal single 'Stand', which garnered international acclaim by reaching number 22 in the European Country Music Charts and earning airplay on country music radio stations worldwide. Additionally, his role as a Caithness Music TV presenter on the Keep It Country channel further solidifies his status as a prominent figure in Scottish and Country Music.



About Brandon

Brandon McPhee: A Musical Journey


From the tender age of 10, Brandon McPhee embarked on a musical odyssey that would shape his life and inspire countless others. Influenced and guided by his Grandad, Donald McPhee, Brandon's journey with the accordion began, setting the stage for a remarkable career ahead.


Under the tuition of his uncle, Daniel McPhee for under 2 years Brandon honed his skills, mastering the accordion by ear and delving into the melodies without formal instruction or the need of sheet music. His dedication already starting to pay off, with Brandon clinching his first competition victory, 6 months later. It was the start of many things to come.


When most are just discovering their passions, Brandon was already making waves in the music scene. His debut album, "A Starr is Born," recorded at the aged 11 on his record label “Pan Records”, showcased his prodigious talent and paid homage to his accordion idol, Will Starr. 7 years later Brandon purchased Will Starr’s Accordion from Ireland. 


The young virtuoso's star continued to rise, as he charmed audiences on radio, television, and live performances across the UK. From Moray Firth Radio to BBC Radio nan Gàidheal to BBC Alba to STV News to Showcase TV to TG4. Brandon's magnetic performances captivated listeners and earned him widespread acclaim.


His prowess on the button box accordion reached its zenith with a string of victories, including Junior Accordion Champion, Button Box Champion, Royal National Mod Champion and the prestigious Jimmy Shand Shield at 17 making history being the youngest ever winner and the only button accordionist to win in 27 years. 


Beyond the realm of competitions, Brandon's music transcended borders,focusing on full time entertainment with variety concerts entertaining audiences from the Shetland Isles to the sun-soaked shores of Spain, Portugal and beyond. His collaborations with legends of Scottish and Irish country music, Foster and Allen, Robert Lovie and recently a duet with Daniel O’Donnell MBE, “Across The Hills of Home” cements his status as a rising star in the genre.


Yet, Brandon's journey wasn't confined to the stage alone. He embraced his role as a musical ambassador, inspiring a new generation of musicians through his workshops and performances. From accolades in the Scottish Parliament to Royal audiences, including performing for King Charles III on his first visit to Caithness as King. Brandon's impact resonated far and wide, his performances for royalty, international dignitaries, Hollywood luminaries, and at esteemed institutions like Oxford and Cambridge University underscored his universal appeal.


As his career blossomed, Brandon diversified his musical repertoire, embracing vocal training and mastering the acoustic guitar adding a new dimension to his already diverse concert.  His foray into country music with Manson Grant and the Dynamos opened new avenues of expression, earning him accolades and admiration from fans worldwide.


Today, Brandon McPhee stands as a testament to the transformative power of music. With over 18 CDs  and 6 DVDs, a music book of over 20 compositions, 10 self penned songs, countless awards to his name, his legacy continues to inspire, his melodies weaving through the hearts of listeners, Through his acclaimed TV shows “Caithness Tv” Brandon McPhee Hour and Brandon McPhee On Air” and countless performances, Brandon McPhee's unwavering dedication to his craft embodies the essence of a true musical maestro, his accordion echoing with the soulful rhythms of Scotland and beyond.


Music is my life - there is NO plan B!”


“I don’t know how you move your fingers so fast.  It’s quite incredible." 
His Majesty King Charles III

It is just over 14 years since Brandon McPhee ventured his first notes on the button Box at his grandad’s Donald’s knee. A good listener and keen pupil, he was soon playing “The Dark Island” competently, a waltz which remains one of his favourites and globally most requested tunes.

Within a year of taking up the Button Accordion Brandon had begun his collection of competition trophies, beginning at the 2007 Caithness Music Festival, Lairg Music Festival, Royal National Mod Victories and followed by a variety of Junior Championships, then Senior national successes, culminating in winning the All Scotland Senior Traditional Accordion Solo Championship in 2014, the first time a Button Box Accordion won the title in 27 Years, one of only a hand selected few Button Accordionists to ever win the title in its history. Since then Brandon has focussed on developing his recording and stage-show career.

A decade from his first few notes, Brandon has achieved phenomenal success both as a Champion Accordionist and made his mark on the Country/Irish music scene. He has worked with the cream of the country music world from Daniel O’Donnell and Philomena Begley to Foster & Allen ! The Brandon McPhee Experience feature highly regarded and successful musicians who have many years of experience in the music industry. It says a great deal that Brandon is surrounded by such talented (and dare one say, mature) artists.

Brandon has a growing catalogue of both Traditional Scottish and Country Music Albums (Pan Record label). Which has led to multiple songs reaching charted levels in Joyce Ramgatie Country Music Chart and prior European Country Music Chart.

After a performance at Buckingham Palace Prince Charles was forced to remark: “I don’t know how you move your fingers so fast. It’s quite incredible”.

Of course, peer pressure was never far away, but Brandon stuck to his guns and became more immersed in Scottish and Country music. He recorded his first album at 11 years of age ( A Starr Is Born). Brandon purchased a second hand accordion from Ireland on which he recorded the album, the iconic 3 row Will Starr’s ‘Shand Morino’ accordion. He then went on to win first place at the Caithness Music Festival on button key accordion, first place in his age group at the Lairg Music Festival and onto first place in the All Scotland Junior, and eventually Senior Scottish Accordion Championship.

He took up singing at the age of 16 much influenced by the music of Don Williams, Elvis Presley, Billy Ray Cyrus and Johnny Cash, the latter two, his favourite singers!

When asked about the weight of the accordion Brandon laughs. “Yes, it is quite heavy. I used to sit down and play, but these days I stand. It could possibly be the weight lifters’ instrument of the music world.


Presenter & Showbiz Personality

His dedication to the entertainment world and work ethic has also led him into broadcasting and he hosted his own TV show ‘The Brandon McPhee Hour’ on Spotlight TV Channel previously called Keep It Country TV for over 6 years. 

Brandon’s personality an experience has lead to numerous appearances on TV & Radio across the globe which has brought with it a large and growing international following. Over 1.6 Million people viewed Brandon's version of Ring Of Fire Live in Aberdeen and over a million on the country song Give My Love To Rose.  He was recognised by Scottish Parliament twice for a Local Hero and a role model to the youth in playing an instrument.

He has performed privately for HRH The Duke of and Duchess of Rothesay also many members of the Royal Family, More recently for King Charles III's first visit to Caithness as King - Brandon regards this as a true honour.

A Flying Scotsman, you may think, but Brandon’s success has been well earned, with one goal-to entertain and to be the best he can be. The Brandon McPhee Show, a mix of singing and accordion will be coming to town, catch up with him at a Venue near you.

Awards are now rolling in as the industry acknowledges the voice that Brandon has introduced to an ever competitive Country Music Scene.