Brandon McPhee
Multi Award Winner 
Scottish Variety Entertainer & Composer

  • Master of the Accordion-Velvet-toned Singer

    Master of the Accordion

    Velvet-toned Singer

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Scottish Entertainer and Composer

Brandon McPhee

“Brandon McPhee" a Scottish musician and singer known for his expertise with the button accordion and his contributions to traditional Scottish and country music. Born in 1996 in Caithness, Scotland, he began playing the accordion at the age of 10 and quickly garnered attention for his skill and passion. McPhee has released several albums showcasing his talent in both instrumental and vocal performances, earning accolades and a dedicated following. In addition to his work, he has collaborated with Daniel O' Donnell, Robert Lovie and Foster & Allen. A Scottish Accordion Champion, award winning singer, a "Parliamentary approved" prominent figure in the UK music scene.





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